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Armour Suit

Combine, Victorian or prior. Cone shaped moved edge pointed sleeves, each adorned with the figure of a warrior. 5 verbalized metacarpal plates as well as fluted knuckle plate. Indicating certifiable maturing and deploy with two short splits to the edge roll. Further, the surfaces of our Armor Suits demonstrate wear and cleaned cold oxidation. Not even a piece is missing from any artifact to retain the authenticity and true essence of suits. Maybe made to finish a suit of unique shield in the 19th or 18th century, combine. The title Armor Suits is on the grounds that the specific style of suit was left harsh from the mallet and not cleaned.

Key Features:

  • Rubber padded solid base for proper installation
  • Impenetrable outline that totally replicate the medieval outlook
  • Monotonous and versatile metallic shades to suit themes
  • Optimal design with caliber height and other measurements

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